A Woman that Fears the Lord

The one ruling desire of my heart is that ... above all else ... God would be glorified and honored in my life.


I am a 47 year old born-again Christian. I am married to my best friend (honestly!) and we have 4 children and 8 grandchildren with another little pea pod along the way. My husband and I run a home business along with our one son and our daughter-in-love. My days are spent keeping my home,gleaning from God's Word, playing with grandchildren and working in a local ministry with my husband along with helping in the running of our trucking company.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I've moved my BLOG

Hello there!
I just realized that I never posted anything to let you know that I've moved my blog to another site. Here is the address:


Hope to see you there!


Monday, September 12, 2005

Making plans!

I worked on my housekeeping schedule over the weekend. This was my 'survival tool' when I homeschooled my children and ran a business from our home. But, when I sold the business after the children graduated, I decided that I no longer needed a schedule. I assumed my days would be less stressful and I could make my plans as I go. Ha! Never assume! :-)

Prov 21:55 - The plans of the diligent {lead} surely to advantage, but everyone who is hasty {comes} surely to poverty.

A few things have prompted a return to scheduling my days. The first is that the nearer I approach the 50 mark the less of a memory I seem to have! :-) Secondly, the work I am expected to accomplish each day has increased and I'm finding that I am unable to accomplish all that I desire without a mindful schedule. Thirdly, I am trying to stretch my husband's income which is adding more duties to an already full day. For instance, I'd like to begin washing our car instead of paying for it to be done. Since this has not been one of my normal duties I tend to forget about it until it's too late and end up paying for it to be done instead.

So, I made a list this weekend and blocked out the 'givens' in my week.

Monday: House Blessing (see FLYLADY)
- Deep clean 30 minutes (I've divided my home into
weekly sections as Flylady suggests).
- Laundry
- Ironing
Tuesday: Ministry Day
- This day is set aside to do 'good works'. You can
also do this when you have children home. When my
children were home we set aside one day a week to visit
shut-ins, etc. Very important training for children.
Wednesday:- Errand Day, grocery shopping, bank
Thursday: - Office work
- Deep Clean 30 minutes
Friday: Mornings: - Outside work, yard work
- Wash car
Afternoons: Sewing
Saturday: - Baking, extra cooking for the week
Sunday: - Church, rest for the Lord's Day, correspondence

Of course, I have not written down every jot and tittle of what I will do each day. My devotional time and study time with the Lord is not listed in this schedule, nor my time with my grown children or grandchildren, birthday parties, etc. Mostly, this is my housekeeping schedule with a few extras recorded.

My greatest challenge will be to remember that THE LORD DIRECTS my steps! I can make all the plans I like but I'm constantly reminding myself to hold these plans lightly as I keep my eyes on the Lord to direct my day.

Prov 16:99 - The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.
Prov 19:21 - Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.


Monday, September 05, 2005

Learning to keep house!

What a satisfying day! I had asked the Lord this morning if I could please have a full day of house cleaning. Two of my grandchildren live on the property so they are in and out most days. I can determine to wash my floors only to have my little pea pods show up at the door and want to play games with Grammy! :-) I want to have an 'open door' policy with my grandchildren so I have tried to learn to 'flex'. It hasn't come easy to relinquish 'my' schedule but I know that these days will pass quickly and they will be busy with their own lives someday!

But, today was wonderful! I still had my little munchkins come to play for nearly 2 hours but the rest of the time I was able to vacuum the whole house and mop all of the floors except the laundry room which I cleaned last week. I dusted and windexed and was able to get 3 loads of laundry hung out to dry. Near dinner time I was able to barbecue enough meat for the next few days. It was such a productive day! Oh, and I was able to catch things up in my checkbook and pay some bills. :-)

The Scripture in Proverbs 31 kept coming to mind over and over today as I was cleaning... "She looketh well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness". I was thinking back over the past 30 years of keeping my own home. I was so unprepared when I first married at the age of 17. I was given responsibilities as a child in my parents home but I lacked the ability to carry those skills out in my own place. Plus, to be honest, I was just plain lazy in the early years of my marriage! I would have much rather visited a friend during the day than stay home and clean.

But, as the years went by, it became more and more important to me that I keep a clean and organized home. Organization never came easy for me. I have prayed and strived for any organizational skills I may have today. I continue to learn daily how to be more efficient.

I thank God for answering my hearts cry in this area. Change normally doesn't happen overnight. It's taken years to develop the skills necessary to keep a fairly orderly home. I give God all the praise for the changes. God truly does care about ever detail of our lives and works in us to WILL and to DO His good pleasure.

Love to all!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Pressure during Lean Times!

I responded to a post on a homemaker's forum. I thought I might share my response in hopes it would help others. I'm close to 50 years old now. My children are grown and gone from my home. Grandchildren are in and out of my home most days. I've been able to stay home nearly all my married life except for a few short times when I thought necessity was calling me out of the home to catch up on bills. It only lasted at the longest a few months. The Lord always provided ways for me to make grocery money during lean times. I babysat, sewed doll clothes for Cabbage Patch Dolls and sold them in a beauty parlor, tested embroider kits, managed duplexs and cleaned them in exchange for free rent, stuffed envelopes and ran a used homeschool book business. Times were hard when the children were growing up. We barely scraped by at times. But, we made it through by God's grace. We never went hungry and always had clothes and a place to live. God only promises food and clothing... not even a roof over our head. Yet, each of us have so very much more. We really are so blessed.

I think there is a lot more pressure on young families these days to live up to a certain lifestyle. I think the 'pressure' we feel from living on a tight budget starts in a person's mind. If we can come to a place where we see our income as God's will for our lives then I think we can rest within those boundaries. Our lack of contentment oftentimes is a lack of faith and a discontent heart. God is in control of the amount of money we are given. Of course, we can end up suffering when we do not live within those boundaries and think we need more things than the money God has given us. The days pass so fast..... before I knew it my children were grown. The memories of those hard times have faded.... all that is left now are the lessons I learned ... lessons which I still use today in making my husband's money stretch.


Friday, September 02, 2005

Our Marriage is Painting a Picture...

I'm continuing my study through Titus 2. I ran across a paragraph (referring to Titus 2:5) that said our marriages are an object lesson to the unbelieving world. As I looked over the description of what a godly older woman is to be teaching a younger one I paused ... 'obedient to their own husbands'. I thought of my struggles recently to bow my will to my husband's in a particular area. I pondered and asked myself," What sort of lesson would my actions teach my children and those my life comes in contact with? Would my decision reflect a beautiful picture of the church's submission to Christ? Or would my choice dishonor the Word of God and what it teaches?"

Eph 5:24 But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives {ought to be} to their husbands in everything.

...in everything...... (lawful, of course!) ..... just as Christ said to the Father.... 'not my will but thine be done'. What an extreme act of faith to trust in the leadership of a fallible sinner no different than ourselves.

Why is it that we, as wives, so often think we are the ones given the Spiritual 'smarts' in the family? Yet, Scripture is so clear when it says, ...' but the woman being quite deceived fell into transgression.' How often are we deceived into thinking we have the corner on spirituality when God has clearly taught otherwise. But, you say, "my husband doesn't even pick up his Bible! How can I trust His decisions?" Our faith does not rest in our husband's ability or spirituality but in God's command. Is God not in control of all leadership? {Rom.13:1} Have our husbands been placed over our families to rule them? Are they not in leadership? I think a secondary application for this principle can be applied to our husbands as well. So, who are we really trusting when we submit to a husband's request or commands (that is not sinful)? It is God! Submission is an act of obedience that says... by faith... I am TRUSTING... in the wisdom of God's Word!

So, by faith in the wisdom of God's Word and His power to work all things together for our good and His glory... we go forth... believing that it is God who is working in our husband's decision, inspite of their humanness. Will our husband's make wrong choices? Absolutely! We can count on it. Has God promised to work it together for our good and His glory? Absolutely! It is written! { Romans 8:28}


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Testimony of a Godly Life

I've been spending quite a lot of time studying the book of Titus, especially the 2nd chapter, again. As I continually evaluate my days in light of Scripture, I find it so valuable to go over and over these keys verses speaking to the women of the church. They are full of so much instruction for my daily life. It's so easy to get off track. The cares of the world can choke out God's Word and without realizing it we may find that the commands of His Word for our lives have been squeezed out because we have filled our time with other things. Not necessarily bad things or evil things, possibly even good things but not THE specific commands of God's Word. We are given only a few hours each day to live our lives in a way that will bring glory to Him. Each choice replaces another choice. We must choose, by God's grace, the more excellent things, the specifics commanded in Scripture. We must redeem the time and live purposely. This is done by making God's priorities OUR priority.

So, again, I find myself looking to my Savior's instruction and watching closely where I am spending my time throughout the day. I'm asking myself questions like, "Would others describe me as a 'keeper at home?" Or would they say my activities and heart are more centered somewhere else? If so, then what do I need to change to line my life up with what this Scripture teaches? Would they say that I love my husband and that I am teaching others to do the same? Am I known as someone who loves children? Do those who know me the most intimately see me as a wife who is obedient to her husband? If my life is not lining up with God's Word then what can I do to rearrange my days or time to be obedient to this command? If I am not obedient to my husband then what specific changes do I need to make in how I am responding to his requests? Where am I failing specifically and how can I change in order to obey this command? (Eph 4:22-24)

You've heard the expression that says our life speaks louder than our words? There is some truth to this. Scripture teaches that our lives are saying something to our family, neighbors and those who we come in contact with. What is our life saying to others? Paul is teaching that women need to be taught sound doctrine. The reason for this instruction is so that....

- Word of God may not be dishonored Titus 2:5
- Our opponet may be put to shame because they will have nothing bad to say about us. Titus 2:8
- that we may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things. Titus 2:11

By our own strength we will fail miserably at obeying the commands in Titus 2 but verse 11 says that the GRACE OF GOD has appeared. As we seek to obey God's commands we must always remember to rely on the strength of our God to perform this work in us. His strength is made perfect in weakness. Eph. 4:22-24 gives us specific instruction on how to make changes in our lives but as always we must depend on the Lord for the strength to carry out these commands.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Work and a Complaining Spirit!

Have you ever had a 'dream' for your life? A hope for something different than your present daily round of activities? I have!

Here it is... for over 10 years I have prayed and asked that the Lord would free me of many of my daily duties that were not related to my homekeeping. Originally, the prayer was that the Lord would find a buyer for a used homeschool business that we had run from our home for nearly 10 years. The work load was very heavy and I longed to just be a 'homemaker' again. The Lord answered this prayer. Whew! I was so thankful.

Then, our trucking business began to grow. I was the 'office' gal but was able to do all the duties from our home. I dispatched and did all the paperwork for my husband. As the business began growing I began praying that the Lord would send help. The closer I get to the age of 50 the less brain power I have and I needed help in all the juggling of dispatching the trucks. My daughter in love, who lives here on the property, took over the dispatching and some of the office duties. PTL! I finally felt as if my life was coming back to some sort of peaceful schedule where I was the master of my days. Finally, I would be able to enjoy puttering in my home and hopefully spend more time in the Lord's Word and His service.

You know what's coming next, right? *smile* You guessed it. More work! My husband and son (who helps run our company) have taken on a new business project. This extra work load will mean that I will need to be more active in the business again.

I found myself complaining at the very thought of it. But, then, the Holy Spirit reminded me 'whom' I belonged to.... and 'who's' example I am to follow. The Lord reminded me of my Savior who left the glory of heaven to come to earth as a servant. Do I think I will follow a different path?

My focus is again set upon the Lord as I face each day and it's daily round of work and activity. If truly my days, and the work they involve, are ordained of the Lord then am I to approach them in an attitude of complaining? Or as a servant, in faith, offering each duty up as a sacrifice unto the Lord of heaven.

He looked not after His own things
but the things of others!
He took on the form of a servant .... humbled himself.... and became obedient unto death. Phil 2

My goals seemed godly enough. Afterall, the Lord has called godly women to be keepers at home so that the Word of God would not be blasphemed. Titus 2

What the Lord has reminded me is that, yes, I am called to be a keeper at home. But, I was created to be a helpmate for my husband. My goal was biblical but my motive was tainted with self-interest and ease. My focus was on self.

So, the choice now becomes mine. Will I meet each day's challenges of work, that I would prefer not to have to do, with a complaining spirit? Or will I submit my heart to the Lord's sovereign daily will for me?

In His service,